This page offers concise guides on managing your domains. You’ll learn how to validate a new domain, ensuring it’s ready for use, and how to delete an existing domain when it’s no longer required. Refer to this page for any assistance you need with your domain-related tasks.

Validate a new domain

If you aim to validate a new domain, start by navigating to the ‘Settings’ page accessible from the left-hand navigation menu.

On the ‘Settings’ page, you’ll find a list of domains. Identify the domain you wish to validate. Beside each domain, there are three dots arranged horizontally. Click on these dots corresponding to your chosen domain.

From the options that appear, select ‘Validate’.

A prompt will then appear asking for your confirmation to initiate the test. Press ‘Confirm’, and the validation process will begin.

Delete an existing domain

If you wish to delete an existing domain, you’ll need to access the ‘Settings’ page, which can be found in the left-hand navigation menu.

Once on the ‘Settings’ page, you’ll see a list of your current domains. Locate the domain you wish to delete. Next to each domain, you’ll notice a trio of dots arranged horizontally – click on these for your chosen domain.

In the ensuing menu, select ‘Delete’.

This action will prompt a confirmation message, asking you to confirm your intention to remove the domain. Click ‘Confirm’ on this prompt, and the system will promptly remove the domain from your account.

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