Core Concepts

The platform consists of a few core principles. These principles form the main links in the menu bar, and this page will explain how they interact.

1 – Deployments

These are the specifications and instructions for the installation (planting) and removal (retiring) of seeds. They are the scheduled or ad-hoc triggered activities to create new seeds and place them in your intended location

2 – Seeds

These are the deceptive assets themselves. They come in different formats, and can be planted or retired automatically by use of Deployments

3 – Events

If a Seed is interacted with, or observed on the open or dark web, defines this as an event; something that happened on our platform, involving a seed attached to your organisations in a condition you would like to hear about

4 – Intel

Intel is the collection of information we can acquire and share regarding participants in an Event (typically, Bad Actors). We collect different data as intel depending on the sitation that triggers it, we store it and make it available for analysis, and we update it from new sources when we find it stale.

There are also a few other terms that it will help you to understand:


The connections between our platform and your systems, so that we can deploy our seeds, or so that you can send alerts directly to your security tools or communication channel


A configured list of sources that you have specified as trusting, so that interactions with our seeds from these devices will NOT lead to events or alerts


The outbound messages from our platform, across your choices of Integrations, so that our data can be consumed directly into the tools you most commonly use

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