An Alerting integration into your Microsoft Teams platform

A Teams integration will send an alert to your desired channel, when you have an event of your specified priorities. You can also customise the text sent within the alert to suit your specific needs

Create a new Teams Alert integration

Step 1: Create Channel and incoming webhook in Teams

The first step requires you to do some configuration in the Teams app. Full details on how to do this are available on the Microsoft site here (, but we'll summarise the basics here:

  • In the Teams app, go to Teams (left menu), then select the channel you want to receive alerts into, and select ••• from the upper-right corner.

  • From the menu, select Connectors

  • Search for Incoming Webhook and select Add

  • Select Configure, provide a name, and upload an image for your webhook if you want one

  • Copy the Webhook URL, then click Done

That's it, step one done

Step 2: Create Teams alert integration in

Now, log in to your account, and you're going to add the new integration then point it to the webhook you just created

  • Click Add New and set Type to "Teams".

  • Give this integration a name and description so you know why you have created it.

  • Select the priorities of events you want to be sent (more info here; Events).

  • Add the webhook URL that you previously copied.

  • We provide a default template for the message that will be sent. You're free to change this, by adding any free text you wish along with any variables. There's even a handy "Reset Template" button if you want to restore our default template at any time.

  • Hit Save.

Boom! All done! You can send a test alert from the actions menu, you can edit this integration or you can delete it. You can even add more Teams alert integrations if you want to send to multiple channels.

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