Alerts sent to your email addresses

One of the most used integrations we offer is to send alert notifications to an email address. These can be personal mailboxes, or shared, group mailboxes.

All emails will be sent from "", if you wanted to add this address to your whitelist to ensure delivery.

Create Email Integration in

This is where you'll configure to use the slack application you've just used

  1. Click Add New and set TYPE to "Email".

  2. Give this integration a name and description so you know why you have created it.

  3. Select the priorities of events you want to be sent (more info here; Events).

  4. Add the email address.

  5. We provide a default template for the message that will be sent. You're free to change this, by adding any free text you wish along with any variables. There's even a handy "Reset Template" button if you want to restore our default template at any time.

  6. Hit Save.

Test your new Email integration

You should now see a new row in the alerts table, with the name and description you previously entered. We provide a facility to send a test message, to prove we are able to deliver messages

  1. Click on the actions button on the right side of the row for your new integration [ ... ]

  2. Click on Test and confirm you wish to send a test alert

  3. Witness the majesty of our shiny new alert, and go home proud of a good job done well!

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