Send alerts to your Atlassian Jira boards

Jira is a common platform seen in many organisations. It can be used for managing work within engineering team, or for organising support / service requests; one of the most impressive aspects of Jira is just how flexible and extensible it is.

Our Jira integration will send a create a new ticket in the Jira board of your choice. The alert will show details on the event it relates to, and provide a link back to the event details in the seedata.io platform

To create the new integration, you will need the following fields:

  • Company domain (required) - in the following format <your_company>.atlassian.net

  • Email (required) - The email address that you wish tickets be to created under

  • API Token (required)

  • Project Key (required) - Usually a 3 letter string

Step 1: Get your Jira Project key

  1. Log in to your Jira instance

  2. In the top menu go to Projects > View all Projects

  3. The Project page will show you a table that includes a value for KEY for each project. Chose the one that you want the new alerts to appear in

Step 2: Get your Jira API Token

Official Atlassion instructions here - https://support.atlassian.com/atlassian-account/docs/manage-api-tokens-for-your-atlassian-account/

  1. Log in to https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/security/api-tokens.

  2. Click Create API token.

  3. From the dialog that appears, enter a memorable and concise Label for your token and click Create.

  4. Click Copy to clipboard.

Step 3: Create Jira integration in seedata.io

  1. Log in to app.seedata.io

  2. Go to Settings in the left menu bar, then Alerts, and click ADD NEW

  3. Set the type to JIRA

  4. Add a name and description for this integration, to help you identify it from others in your list

  5. Select the event priorities you wish alerts to be sent for

  6. Add the values obtained from earlier steps

Only ADMINISTRATOR accounts can create new integrations

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